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The ArCon project proposal is under review

The proposed improvements below will be done before the end of 2013 and are for Ericsson in the context of polarsys.

ArCon shall:

1. Be able to read combined architecture models

2. Enable selection of model scope for analysis

3. Enable command line start

4. Perform proactive online check

5. Provide domain specific modeling support based on the architecture (meta) model

6. Enable generation of architecture documentation

7. Be able to create profile from architecture model

8. Be able to handle one or more stereotypes for rule activation

9. Be able to follow dependency to active architecture model

10. Handle different severity levels

11. Be able to filter warnings

12. Be integrated with Kepler

13. Provide infrastructure to express arbitrary rules (e.g. not possible to express with ArCon static analysis)

14. Display warning markers in model browser