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| [http://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs Eclipse Bugzilla]
| [http://www.eclipse.org/aperi/bugs.php Eclipse Bugzilla]
| Enter and check on Aperi bugs here.
| Enter and check on Aperi bugs here.

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Welcome to the Aperi Storage Management Wiki page. Aperi-logo.jpg

Aperi is a vendor-neutral, open, storage management framework designed to cultivate both an open-source community and an ecosystem for complementary products, capabilities, and services around the framework to promote greater consumer choice and foster competition.

User Resources

Aperi Project Home The home page for the Aperi Storage Management project.
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to the most common questions about Aperi. This should be the first place you go for any Question that you may have.
Community Building Activites related to building the Aperi community.

Developer Resources

Eclipse Bugzilla Enter and check on Aperi bugs here.
Developer Mailing List Subscribe to the mailing list or access the archives.
Architecture Architecture and design docs
Who's Who Who's who in the Aperi development community
Project Plans Planning information for Aperi releases.
Meetings Agendas and Minutes from our regular conference calls.
Events Events that Aperi is tracking for participation.
Development Process Specific processes for Aperi committers.
Test Plans, status, automation...