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Aperi Documentation Plan

Author: Chris King

The attached documents describe the information development (ID) deliverables for Aperi Storage Manager (Aperi).

Aperi milestone 5 (m5)

Aperi m5 is scheduled for contribution in Q2 2009.

How to provide review comments

Please download and view either of the attached documents for m5. You can provide comments, edits, and suggestions through bugzilla (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/enter_bug_wizard.cgi?product=Aperi) or respond to the aperi-dev mailing list (https://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/aperi-dev).

Comments Log

PDF: Comment log for Aperi documentation plan m5

No. Description Assignee Displacement Resolution Date
1 Allen Heitman: I just have one question concerning a comment on page 8. For the on-line help items, what does "Stretch (Q2 2008)" mean? Chris King I removed the text "Stretch (Q2 2008)". 08/15/08
2 Dave Wolfe: I think the LIC stuff is going to be pretty chunky and 14 PDs doesn't look like enough.

We will need to document HOWTO: 1) configure for use of the Higgins Authentication System, 2) write/test/deploy an LDF, 3) prepare a java application for Java Web Start with and without authentication, etc. Its at least a PM's worth I think.

Chris King I added 6 PDs to the publications estimate for m5 work items. Combined with the PDs for m5 online help items, there is a toal of 34 PDs for m5 work items now. 08/21/08

Aperi milestone 4 (m4)

Aperi m4 was contributed in Q4 2007.