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Aperi Development Status Meeting 11/05/07

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IBM (Chris King, Dave Wolfe, Tom Guinane, Hans Lin, Steven Bennett, Todd Singleton, Russ Warren)


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • Third Party Contribution Questionnaires
      • Tracking file
      • No changes from last week. Tom will engage with the Eclispe legal team to try and understand the timing on the Derby and CIM Client requests.
    • Aperi R0.4 Open Defects -
      • by priority & severity
      • 205850 cri P1 Wind NEW Unable to create volume for DS8000 & ESS storage subsystems
        • Dave working on that this week
      • 207882 cri P1 Linu ASSI The file created by Aperi GUI installer for Linux platform had windows notations
        • 24 testcases blocked. Todd has a workaround – Hans to apply and workaround.
      • 199467 nor P1 Wind ASSI Unable to add CIMOM agent accepting 'any' uid/pw
        • Tom working with Eclipse
      • 208708 cri P3 Linu NEW Agent can't scan SCSI disks on recent Linux version
        • NEW bug
      • 199805 maj P3 Wind NEW closing tab that contains classic view and can't reopen it
      • 208697 maj P3 Linu NEW /etc/Tivoli/TSRM/lock not created by installer for agent only install
        • NEW bug
    • Aperi Total Open Defects - by priority & severity
    • Road map planning
    • Aperi Survey – initial results for review:
      • Aperi Survey Feedback Questions 1-7
      • Aperi Survey Feedback Question 8
      • Agreement among team to close survey. We have had 10 responses to date.
      • Russ and Tom to work up a summary and will put out on the blog.
    • Java level - We have had problems with Aperi and the SAN Simulator running with the Java 1.6 runtime.
      • Should we limit Java 1.5 in our installation scripts?
      • How about adding a line item to support Java 1.6 in Aperi Release 0.5?
      • Suggestions to address:
        • Improve documentation. Move Java 1.5 up in installation process in big bold letters. Chris will handle.
        • Modify installer to check for 1.5 level – Tom to open up buzgulla
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd):
    • Build status
      • New build out this morning for SRM
    • SAN Simulator contribution
      • Trying to get out in November – running into issues.
      • Propose to make the SAN Simulator authors as committers
      • Also have committers that have not participated.
      • Need to review committer list and address.
  • Development items/issues:
    • None this week.
  • IDVT:
    • Test Status
    • Hans went through the charts.
    • Tom to move Defect review to this agenda location.
  • ID:
    • Online help issue: Eclipse based or Java help based?
      • Chris doc plan - needs approval – Tom to approve
      • Install instructions and release notes out today
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule. Changes made in the schedule.
  • Action Items:
Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Tom 11/30/07 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Harm Sluiman is one. Tom is searching for additional candidate.
Aperi Forum Tom 11/13/07 Suggested by Javier. Investigate setting up forums for Aperi communication. Looked into Friendly, easy to use, familiar to more forum users. Also includes a chat tool. Set up a sample forum Take a look and provide feedback. Checking out Eclipse IRC again
Document Control Tom 11/15/07 Write up text for Aperi document control.
Lessons Learned Follow-up Tom 11/9/07 Put results of Lessons Learned meeting for R0.3 into a table on the wiki with corresponding action items
cvs download statistics Tom 11/06/07 Investigate if we can get any numbers for our source code downloads.
  • Open Forum:
  • Other:
    • Next Meeting - 11/12/07
    • Management Developers Conference
    • Eclipse DemoCamp
      • Palo Alto - DLA Piper
      • Mountain View – Google
      • No takers
    • EclipseCon 2008
      • EclipseCon 2008 will be held March 17-20 in Santa Clara, CA.
      • It is now time to submit talks or tutorials for EclipseCon 2008. The entire Eclipse community is invited to submit ideas for tutorials, long talks, short talks, posters and birds-of-a-feather sessions. The EclipseCon program committee has identified different topic areas or categories for submissions, including business topics, C/C++, Data Tooling, Java, Mobile and Embedded, Modeling, OSGi, RCP, Reporting, SOA, Test and Performance, Web Tools and Industry Verticals. The deadline for tutorial and talk submissions is November 19, 2007.
      • Request from Bjorn:
        • Aperi Team, As the Emerging Technologies sub-chair for the EclipseCon 2008 Program Committee, I'd like to invite you to submit a couple short talk proposals. As you know, there are fewer slots than interesting topics around Eclipse but we do have a good selection of short talk slot - I've set aside two short talk slots for you all, if you want them.
        • Please be aware of the hard-stop November 19th submission deadline, as explained in the submission instructions.
        • - Bjorn
      • Important Dates:
        • November 19th - Submission deadline; all proposals must be in.
        • December 10th - Tutorials, Long Talks, and Short Talks chosen.
        • January 19th - Submissions open for posters and BOFs
      • Ramani is planning to submit a short talk proposal titled "Storage Area Network Management Simulation" based on SAN Simulator.
      • Tom to submit short talk on Aperi Storage Management project – Hold for any new technology we want to discuss or fall back to an overview of project to get folks to go to the web site.
      • Tom to respond to Bjorn

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