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Aperi Development Status Meeting 07/09/07

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Brocade (John Crandall), IBM (Chris Rich, Dave Wolfe, Greg McBride, Hans Lin, Rodica Ciurea, Simona Constantin, Steven Bennett, Todd Singleton, Tom Guinane)


  • Project Leader Notes:
    • Aperi webcast
      • Webcast on target for 7/11 – please join!
    • SAN Simulator contribution
      • Eclipse legal has completed the preliminary bug review. We may now check the code into CVS in accordance with Parallel IP. A full due diligence review will occur in parallel. The source code has been downloaded to P:\Due Diligence\TECHNOLOGY\APERI\SAN Simulator
    • Third Party Contribution Questionnaires
      • The IP legal team has been busy and has approved a number of our third party code requests:
ID     Sev Pri OS  Assignee           Stat Summary 
194520 min P3 Wind NEW iText.jar Version: 1.5.2 ONLY approved. 
194521 min P3 Wind NEW org.apache.jasper version 2.0 approved. 
194523 min P3 Wind NEW javax.servlet.jsp Version: V2.0 Approved 
194524 min P3 Wind NEW org.apache.commons.el Version: V1.0 Approved 
194527 min P3 Wind NEW org.eclipse.equinox.jsp.jasper Version: V20070318 Approved 
      • Todd, put these into our cvs library and updated the install information. The IP Log has been updated to reflect these changes. Todd will respond to the Bugzillas and Tom will verify them
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd):
    • Build status
      • The end of the Europa migration should be complete this week – Todd will send email and we should do a extensive test – download and run a broad based smoke test for the components we are most familiar with.
      • Made progress on the new GUI based installer. Todd will check with Craig to see how much he has completed and when it will be complete.
      • Rodica would like Todd to cut a new build for enabling the browser. Todd would like to touch base Wednesday after it is more stable and then it would be more appropriate to check in.
  • Aperi Downloads:
  • Development items/issues:
    • None for this week.
  • ID:
    • Online help issue: Eclipse based or Java help based?
    • ID plan for R4
    • Chris out - none for this week.
  • Action Items:
Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Tom 7/24/07 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Tom has started a list of [ potential mentor names. Harm Sluiman has agreed to be out mentor. *** Tom is searching for additional candidate. Tom talked to Harm two weeks ago – details below ***
Web Meetings Tom 7/17/07 Suggested by Javier. Investigate using web meetings for Aperi
Aperi Forum Tom 7/19/07 Suggested by Javier. Investigate setting up forums for Aperi communication
Document Control Tom 7/11/07 Write up text for Aperi document control.
Lessons Learned Follow-up Tom 7/13/07 Put results of Lessons Learned meeting for R0.3 into a table on the wiki with corresponding action items
cvs download statistics Tom 7/26/07 Investigate if we can get any numbers for our source code downloads.
  • Open Forum:
  • Other:
    • Discussion with our mentor, Harm Sluiman:
      • Discussed expectations, logistics, guidance, getting out of incubation, etc.
      • Provided a quick project overview to him. He would like some more detail. Tom will set up a call.
      • He wanted to see our processes for how we define requirements and then create a plan from that and then deliver on it.
      • The main discussion was centered around exiting incubation, which he called “Graduation.” During the review, the Eclipse Review Board is going to look for:
        • an active, thriving, multi company community
        • committers from multiple companies making contributions
        • people exploiting us and building on top of us
        • open communications
      • We need to look for a top level project to join. COSMOS (system management) could be a candidate, but we are ahead of them at this point in time. We do not need to decide today, but we do need to consider where our final resting project should be?
      • Some comments on our home page: We need to have easily findable links to our roadmap, current plan, and release status. Look at the TPTP page for an example.
      • Harm is subscribed to aperi-news. If we want him to see anything, put it there. His userid is
    • Next Meeting - 7/16/07

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