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** Follow-on [ release planning]
** Follow-on [ release planning]
** Lessons Learned follow up
** Lessons Learned follow up
** Next Meeting, 6/18/07
** Next Meeting, 6/25/07

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Dial in numbers:

Toll Free: 877-421-0040 International: 770-615-1256 Passcode: 800415


Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Tom 4/30/07 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors from the Eclipse Architecture Council. The AC is listed here: but Tom has asked Bjorn for larger candidate list. Bjorn is building a list. Tom has started a list of potential mentor names. Tom has recommended two individuals from the list; Harm Sluiman, and Darren Swanson and asked for comments. There were none, so Tom will contact these folks to see if they will take us on. Tom to prioritize for this week.

  • Open Forum
  • Other:
    • Web meetings
    • Aperi forum
    • Document Control
    • Follow-on release planning
    • Lessons Learned follow up
    • Next Meeting, 6/25/07

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