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Aperi Development Status Meeting 05/12/08

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Dial in numbers:

Toll Free: 877-421-0029 International: 770-615-1246 Passcode: 003399


Item Owner Target Status
Obtain two mentors Al 03/31/08 Per new development process rules, we need to obtain two project mentors. Harm Sluiman is one. ‘’’Al will discuss ideas with Tom later today.’’’
Document Control Al 01/29/08 Write up text for Aperi document control. Al will discuss with Tom later today. Al will write up a process to get documents reviewed and approved.
Post the new tutorials out on Eclipse Live. Al 03/11/08 Al and Allen M. discussed last week. Al to post to EclipseLive and update the links on the Aperi website to the new location. We are still waiting for the SAN Simulator tutorial which is expected on May 9. Al can post that one as well.
SNIA Scalefest San Simulator Snapshot. Tom 02/29/08 Ramani has the snapshot. Al will get status from Ramani.
Update Aperi websites Al 03/31/08 Al met with Ryan Doherty and Allen Marin to go over issues with the web-site. Some of the web pages have not been updated for 6 months or more. Al will be updating the web pages to get them current over the next few weeks.
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