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Aperi Web conference - Project participants are exploring hosting a Web conference following the release of the 0.3 release code in May and discussed the idea an options on the Aperi architecture call on May 9. Here are the notes from that meeting...

On the 5/9 Aperi architecture call, we discussed the proposed Aperi webcast. The target audience for this webcast is the attendees at the Aperi booth at the Storage Networking World conference who said we can follow up with them on project updates and anyone else interested in Aperi. On the call we discussed potential formats for the webcast, possible presenters, and information we might cover.

It was recommended that we look at other storage events to ensure we do not create a conflicts with our webcast. The SNIA has an events page that captures storage industry events. This calendar shows events on the following dates: June 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, so it would be best to avoid scheduling on these dates.

Based on this initial call, here is a proposal on which we would like to get additional feedback from the community participants who weren't able to make the call. PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK THROUGH MAILING LIST BY MAY 17, SO WE CAN FINALIZE CALL DATE/TIME, AS WELL AS SETTLE ON FORMAT AND CONTENT.

Proposal for Aperi Webcast

Content - One-hour global Web conference consisting of:

  • Overview presentation of Aperi, including project status, accomplishments/milestones, roadmap, etc.
  • Live demonstration of Aperi code
  • Commercial vendor to discuss how they have used Aperi
  • Q&A

We should consider making the recording available for a couple months after the call to accomodate those who aren't able to make it.

Date - Week of June 4 or June 11... after Memorial Day holiday (USA). Considering other storage events during these two weeks (mentioned above), it makes sense to select from the following dates: June 4, 6, 8, 11, 15.

Action Items - (If you would like to help with the webcast, please send a note through the mailing list. I will coordinate the effort across those who can help.)

  1. Provide feedback on proposed call format and content (see above)
  2. Update existing overview slides
  3. Identify individuals for demonstrating 0.3 release code
  4. Identify user to discuss their use of Aperi (Novell has volunteered)
  5. Identify best date and time for webcast (see options above)
  6. Create schedule for preparing webcast with activities and deadlines - Allen Marin


Academic Outreach: Project Ideas

Presentations: Working slides on Aperi benefits for vendors

Education: Education materials for the Aperi user.

Webcast options

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