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[http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Aperi_Storage_Management_Project Aperi Wiki Home]
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Aperi_Storage_Management_Project Aperi Wiki Home]
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== Aperi at LinuxWorld ==
'''When: Week of August 6-9 in San Francisco'''
Thanks to those Aperi participants that will be talking about Aperi in the Eclipse booth in the .Org Pavilion. Eclipse also had offered us a speaking slot, but we haven't gotten anyone from the community to volunteers, so I've advised Eclipse that we are not prepared to host a speaking slot.
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== Aperi at Storage Networking World ==
'''When: Week of October 15-18 in Dallas, TX, USA'''
In our previous discussions we committed to sponsoring a small booth at both the Spring and Fall SNW conferences to promote the project, and we need to begin preparing for the conference in October. As the Community Outreach Chair, I will prepare a cost estimate for a sponsorship and event roadmap/timeline similar to what we did for the Spring conference. Similar to how we did this in the Spring, the assumption is that we will facilitate this through the Eclipse Foundation, and I am in the process of scheduling a discussion with them to begin.
I would like to resurrect our bi-weekly event calls beginning with '''August 16''' and leading up to the event. Here is the link to the [[Aperi_Community_Meetings]] page, which is where we'll be posting call-in numbers and agendas. Thursday afternoon (5-6 EDT) seemed to work well before, so I'm hoping this will be a good time for these calls.  In the meantime, I will prepare an estimate and timeline and will distribute through the mailing list, newsgroup, and wiki. This sponsorship will only be possible with financial contributions from across the community, so please consider how your organization might be able to participate. We had a lot of fun at the Spring SNW, and we were able to generate a lot of enthusiasm for Aperi. We've made great progress, and industry observers are excited to see that. Let's keep the momentum going!
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Aperi Wiki Home

Key Documents Under Discussion

Letter to Software vendors at SNW

Letter to Hardware vendors at SNW

Letter to End users at SNW

Description and Objective of Webcast

*Objective: Educate interested parties on what Aperi is, progress to date, and how to get started

  • Overview presentation of Aperi, including project status, accomplishments/milestones, roadmap, etc. (10 min.) (Presentation draft)
  • Live demonstration of Aperi code, including steps on how to get started (15-20 min.)
  • Novell to show how they have used Aperi with their SuSE Linux distribution (10 min.)
  • Q&A (10-15 min.)

A recording is available on the Aperi homepage

Events where you might see Aperi demonstrations

Academic Outreach: Project Ideas

Presentations: Working slides on Aperi benefits for vendors

Education: Education materials for the Aperi user.

Webcast options