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* [[Aperi Use Cases]]
* [[Aperi Use Cases]]
* [ Aperi Technical Roadmap v7]
* [[Aperi Technical Roadmap]]
* [[Aperi Architecture Document]]
* [[Aperi Architecture Document]]
* [ Aperi System Design (MS Word)]
* [ Aperi System Design (MS Word)]

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Aperi Wiki Home

This page is a collection of information regarding the architecture of Aperi.

Overview Component Designs

R2 Designs

R2 API Documentation

R3 Designs

R4 Designs

Integration with IBM Tivoli Monitoring

  • This document (MS Word) describes how to develop an agent that reports data collected by Aperi to ITM using the ITM Universal Agent framework.

Support the Self-Contained NAS Profile (reporting only)

NetApp Unified Storage Appliance report

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