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Migrate the ConfigureAperi code to AntInstaller.

Ant Installer Project


  • AntInstall - Apache 2.0
  • SysOut - Apache 2.0
  • Ant - Apache 2.0
  • DOM - license
  • SAX - license
  • Xerces - Apache 1.1
  • JGoodies - BSD


  1. Using AntInstaller reduces the need for custom Java code because the installer inherits configuration functions from ant
  2. The installer will be easier to maintain
    1. Less code to maintain
    2. Most maintenance changes will only require XML changes
  3. Graphical interface is user friendly
    1. Command line and silent installs also supported.
  4. Easy for Aperi users/adopters to change the branding, look and behavior of the installer.
    1. Menus and icons can be updated in XML
    2. The install behavior can be changed by updating the XML
    3. Adopters can ship just the build.xml, properties file and the ant binaries.

Other Options Considered

  1. IzPack
  2. Install Anywhere

Sample Install Project