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''Linux Mint 12 x64''
''Linux Mint 12 x64''
* {{task-inprogress}} [[Ant/Test Script#Ant Editor|Ant Editor]]
* {{task-omitted}} [[Ant/Test Script#Ant Editor|Ant Editor]]
* {{task-inprogress}} [[Ant/Test Script#Ant View|Ant View]]
* {{task-done}} [[Ant/Test Script#Ant View|Ant View]]
* {{task-inprogress}} [[Ant/Test Script#Debugging|Debugging]]
* {{task-inprogress}} [[Ant/Test Script#Debugging|Debugging]]
* {{task-inprogress}} [[Ant/Test Script#Import_.2F_Export|Import/Export]]
* {{task-omitted}} [[Ant/Test Script#Import_.2F_Export|Import/Export]]
* {{task-inprogress}} [[Ant/Test Script#Test Suite|test Suite]]
* {{task-done}} [[Ant/Test Script#Test Suite|test Suite]]
==== ''Satyam Khandula'' ====
==== ''Satyam Khandula'' ====

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Release to be tested


Features affected by bug fixes in this release are a priority for testing. Bugs addressed in this release.

Testers Signed Up For Testing

Michael Rennie

Linux Mint 12 x64

Satyam Khandula

Windows 7

Possible values for task states are: [done], [omitted], and [in progress].

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