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Alternate Color On Group Rows (BIRT)

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This example is Bugzilla ID 212627. If you would like to contribute an example see the example contribution guidelines.


This illustrates using highlight rules to alternate the backgroundColor of the row that displays header data. In some reports, there is no detail information. All of the information is contained in the group headers. For clarity, it is nice to have the group headers alternate colors. This example shows how to do that.

BIRT Version Compatibility

This example was built and tested with BIRT

Example Files

Example Report Zipped


In order to make this work, you need to alternate the value of a global variable. This is best done in the OnRender method of the DataRow that is showing the Group information.

if (reportContext.getGlobalVariable("alt_grp") == false)
    reportContext.setGlobalVariable("alt_grp", true);
    reportContext.setGlobalVariable("alt_grp", false);

Then all you need to do is add a highlight rule on the row. In the If following condition field enter


And in the condition drop-down select "is true". Then just apply the format rules you would like for the alternate groups.


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