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Albireo SWT AWT bugs

Revision as of 10:58, 15 August 2007 by (Talk | contribs) (New page: Albireo in particular attempts to work around some SWT_AWT bugs. The list of open SWT_AWT bugs is [

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Albireo in particular attempts to work around some SWT_AWT bugs.

The list of open SWT_AWT bugs is here. Among these, the following might fall into the scope of Albireo (if not otherwise fixed in AWT or in SWT_AWT):

All Platforms

51729 Need a good way to set the look and feel for Swing in SWT_AWT

58308 SWT_AWT - Embedded JSplitPane resizable arrows



70918 SWT_AWT doesn't propogate mouse events in JDK 1.3

95540 Another SWT_AWT bridge problems

105507 SWT_AWT.new_Frame windows in multimonitor have performance problems


60967 SWT_AWT + Swing focus problem

170459 SWT_AWT: Focus problem in Java 6


66615 SWT_AWT.new_Frame occasionally hangs


199383 A "BusyIndicator" disappears over an "SWT_AWT" component.


109403 SWT_AWT does not behave correctly with Swing or AWT modal dialogs


186857 SWT_AWT bridge problem: AWT componet tooltip doen't shown if it doesn't have focus

187405 SWT_AWT Swing component tooltip stays on the primary monitor even when the shell is on the 2nd monitor


Fatal Bugs

126931 "Xlib: unexpected async reply" errors using SWT_AWT bridge under JDK 1.6

136700 Gp in Snippet156 - SWT_AWT on motif

171432 Using SWT_AWT bridge on Linux can lead to StackOverflowError


91896 SWT_AWT: Incorrect layout of AWT frame when SWT.BORDER style is set on the Composite

162219 SWT_AWT does not work on Solaris GTK x86 (early access) using web start

168330 SWT_AWT frame resize event not passed to the frame


91157 embedded SWT_AWT frames flicker when the SWT window is resized


82599 Tab behaves incorrectly in Swing components when using SWT_AWT bridge


169562 SWT_AWT Swing modal dialogs do not stay on top on Unix

173218 [SWT_AWT] SWT needs to support ModalityListener interface

Drag and Drop

167677 [DND] Problem with drop event when using SWT_AWT bridge on Solaris and Linux (GTK)



162035 BUTTON_2 events/ctrl-click in embedded SWT_AWT components received incorrectly


146957 SWT_AWT fails to deliver events reliably on Mac OS X

Mouse Events

162036 SWT_AWT interferes with native SWT mouse events

162038 Embedded SWT_AWT components don't receive mouse events until they've been clicked in


160896 SWT_AWT: second Swing subdialog does not respond to mouse clicks

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