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* [[AMP/Acore_Model_Design|Acore Design Discussion]]
* [[AMP/Acore_Model_Design|Acore Design Discussion]]
* [[AMP/Getting_Involved|How can I Contribute to AMP?]]

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The AMP project provides extensible frameworks and exemplary tools for representing, editing, generating, executing and visualizing agent-based models (ABMs) and any other domain requiring spatial, behavioral and functional features. See User Guide Overview and our Home Page for more details.

AMP has a lot to offer, including visual design of agent models for multiple targets, a complete agent-based modeling API, and a framework that supports dynamic real-time graphical models.

Get Started!


User Guide

While we continue to get documentation together, you may find the following documentation helpful. It's written for MetaABM, but many of the modeling features remain unchanged.

MetaABM Documentation (Not Eclipse Hosted)

MetaABM in Pictures (Not Eclipse Hosted)

AMP Users

AMP Developers

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