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African Swine Fever

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African Swine Fever Scenarios

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This African Swine Fever Scenarios are based on the epidemiological compartment model described by Barongo et al. 2016 in the paper "A Mathematical Model that Simulates Control Options for African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV)".

The STEM projects are separated in two main parts:

  • The first project deals with the re-implementation of the epidemiological compartment model described in Barongo et al. 2016.
  • The second project demonstrate a modified versions of the African Swine Fever Model and there application on a spatial scale.

The purpose was on the one hand to demonstrate the applicability and feasibility to re-implement and expand a model from the scientific literature using STEM.

The presented scenarios are parts of a feasibility study which was performed as masters thesis project.

Install the Scenarios

This archive contains 6 folders that are part of several STEM projects. To run this downloadable scenario, extract every one of these 6 folders into your STEM workspace. Do NOT next the 6 folders in any other folder (they should reside directly in the workspace).

The two project folders named

  • asf_barongo_et_al_validation.asf_barongo_et_al_validation
  • and
  • asf.asf

contain STEM model builder projects. If you observe any errors after extracting the folders to your workspace and importing the project into STEM, you should rebuild these two projects. To do that, in each model builder project, open the "models" subfolder and then double click on the .metamodel files. You want to be in the STEM Designer perspective when you do this. From the Designer perspective click "rebuild" (gear icon) to automatically regenerate the code. See for more detail on the model creator.

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