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Adding new advanced chart types in BIRT

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My project for this year's Google Sommer of Code will be to contribute new chart types for the BIRT project.

Personal Details

Name: Karsten Knese


Skype: kook1987

Mentor: Ahti Kitsik


As there were some request about new chart types for BIRT the goal of my project is to add three new chart types.

  • donut chart
  • venn diagram
  • radar diagram


BIRT already provides several chart types for designing customs reports. I found some open bugs and help-wanted entries in bugzilla.

Donut chart

This chart will be implemented based on the existing pie chart.

  • example: [[1]]
  • bugzilla: [[2]]

Radar diagram

This chart shows data information grouped by categories.

  • example: [[3]]
  • bugzilla: [[4]]

Venn diagram

This chart shows similarities and differences of several datasets.

  • example: [[5]]
  • bugzilla: [[6]]

Project plan

current status

  • Reading lots of documents about BIRT itself
  • Have a deeper look at BIRT's chart engine
  • Writing first eclipse plugins presenting simple chart

further steps

  • Planning architecture of new chart types
  • First chart type will be donut (based on pie chart)
  • Primary goal will be VENN diagram



Comments, suggestions, ideas

I'm proud to take part in GSoC 2009. As it is my first project I'm happy about every help.
So feel free writing every comments you have. :)

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