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Higgins Selector

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An active client is integrated with your browser and runs on a computer or mobile device. It is a personal identity manager. In Higgins 1.0 and 1.1 this client only supported the OASIS IMI protocol and acted as an Information Card "selector".

Selector 1.0

Released as part of Higgins 1.0 on June 2008.

You can get information cards from card issuing websites and store them in this selector in much the same way you put business, library, loyalty and payment cards in your wallet.

  • By clicking on a card you can log into sites. No more passwords.
  • By clicking on a card you express yourself. No more filling in forms.
  • You can share cards with friends and businesses you trust.
  • Some cards create permanent connections to your friends, communities and businesses.


Selector 1.1

The following variants of the Higgins selector are being developed for Higgins 1.1. All of the following require a hosted I-Card Service 1.1:

Supporting Web Services for Selector 1.0/1.1

Higgins 1.0

I-Card Manager 1.0
Thin client selectors use this Google GWT-based app to provide a web interface to view, update and manage your cards hosted on the I-Card Service.

Higgins 1.1

I-Card Service 1.1
Some selectors are designed as "thin clients" that only implement the user interface portion and rely on a this hosted service for core functionality.
CardSync Service 1.1
A specialized bi-directional, synchronizing XML endpoint for synchronizing i-card data stored on a co-resident I-Card Service 1.1. Experimental: this service is not used by Selector 1.1
Cloud Selector 1.1
Makes i-cards available as OpenIDs. It reads card data from the I-Card Service, so no client software is required.

Active Client 2.0

  • Active Client 2.0 - planned for release as part of Higgins 2.0 mid 2011. Acts as a client "dashboard" for the Higgins 2.0 PDS.

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