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The Acceleo Wishlist

This page will contain a list of some features that have been requested by members of the Acceleo community and that are not in the roadmap of the Acceleo dev team. Those features may be realized someday and if someone wants to contribute to Acceleo, this is definitely the right place to start. Those features are ranked by type and each of them contains a small summary of the task requested and where to find a possible starting point in the Acceleo source code to realize those features.

How to contribute ?

In order to contribute, you can find here a small guide to create a development environment. After having installed a development environment, you can create a bug entry on the bugzilla here.


Camel case support in the Acceleo tooling

We should be able to type something like MAM and Ctrl+Space and have MyAcceleoModule instead for example. It should work for the completion, the quick outline, etc.

Checkstyle for Acceleo

Support for checkstyle rules for Acceleo.

Documentation of the standard Acceleo and OCL library

The completion system should provide the documentation for the Acceleo and OCL operation

Declaration view

The documentation should be available in a documentation view, just like in Java

Call hierarchy

The call hierarchy view and its shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+H) should be available with the same behavior as in the JDT.

Type Hierarchy

The type hierarchy view, its quick view and its shortcut should be available with the same behavior as in the JDT.

Smarter highlighting

The highlighting of a block should not highlight the whole block but its beginning and end. It would be useful for nested "if", "for" and "else".

Ant support

Acceleo should have more Ant tasks to manipulate the parser and the engine.

Maven support

Acceleo should have a support for maven to manipulate the parser and the engine.





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