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Views and Perspective

Acceleo contains several views in its perspective in order to help the user during the development of its generators.

Overrides View

The Overrides view allows the user to see all the Acceleo modules available in its workspace and in its plug-ins.

The Overrides view showing the modules in the workspace and in the plug-ins

With this view, you can quickly see those modules by double clicking on them by you can also select one of those module to override it.

The completion created by the selection in the Overrides view.

After having selected a template, use the completion to override it in an existing module.

The new template created thanks to the Overrides view.

This view can help you find a module in your Eclipse platform, it can also be used to quickly and easily override several templates of a module.

Result View

The Result view is used to display the traceability information computed during the generation. To learn more about this view and the traceability of Acceleo, you can go to the Traceability article.

The Result view with some traceability informations.

Generation Pattern

The Generation Pattern view allows the user to select one of the common design pattern of code generation and to choose the elements on which the pattern will apply.

The Generation Pattern view for an Acceleo module with the UML metamodel

After this selection, the pattern can be used thanks to the completion mechanism of the Acceleo editor.

The completion proposal from the Generation Pattern view.

And here you can see the result of a design pattern used to create a new template for all kinds of UML "classifier".

The templates generated thanks to the Generation Pattern view.

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