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Modularization of Acceleo 3.5.0

For the release of Acceleo 3.5.0, the project will be improved with several key changes. Those changes are intended to provide a better struture of the project in order to be able to re-use it in other environments like a stand alone one or a non-Eclipse OSGi one. This page will list all the changes that will occur during this work.


  • Switch to Java 6
  • Convert the unit tests to JUnit 4

Remove the traceability

  • Remove the traceability bundles (o.e.a.traceability, o.e.a.traceability.model, o.e.a.traceability.tests)
  • Remove the extension point used to provide other Acceleo engines

Remove the Acceleo 2 compatibility

  • Remove the compatibility bundles (o.e.a.compatibility, o.e.a.compatibility.ui, o.e.a.compatibility.tests)
  • Remove the extension point used to transform existing bundles

Remove outdated features

  • Remove the extension point used to evaluate other scripting languages within an Acceleo module
  • Remove the extension point used to provide Java services (this feature may be reintroduced later in another way)
  • Remove the support of Apache Ant to compile Acceleo projects (only Maven and Tycho have been really supported)

Improve the Acceleo parser

  • A new set of improvements are introduced in the Acceleo parser in order to speed up the compilation
  • The old implementation of the parser has been deleted
  • The API of the parser has been modified
  • All the dependencies to org.eclipse.core.runtime have been removed from the parser

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