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ATL Wish List

  • Allow hierarchical packaging (extends a!b to a!b.c…)
  • Allow module level inheritance
  • Provide short names as well as long names for metamodels
  • Bind the metamodels to their name(s) (AM3)
  • Improve the User Interface (AM3)
  • Possible generation of bidirectional transformations:
   * A solution based on AMW has been presented by Frédéric Jouault
   * A solution based on Constraint Logic Programming has been proposed by Marc Pantel 
  • Improve the debug mode and console (offer the possibility to stop or continue an ATL transformation after errors, …)
  • Warm about unchecked “nullable” accesses (for example in OCL queries)
  • Provide static analyzers (for example a type checker…)
  • Syntactic enhancement for the “resolveTemp” function (new name, …)
  • Possible porting of the ATL virtual machine on embedded systems : provide “smaller” version of the ATL VM
  • Implement new model handlers
  • Implement new injectors
  • Create a wiki web site for frequently asked questions (FAQ). It seems to be possible to use the wiki provided by Eclipse…
  • Provide an extended way to define metamodels:
   * Provide support for using different files for defining a metamodel (technical solution) 
   * Define metamodel’s extensions (conceptual solution) 
  • Provide editor(s) to allow ATL extensions
  • Pluggable navigation languages (OCL of course but also other ones like XPath, XQuery, …)

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