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ATL Wish List

ATL suggestions

  • Hierarchical packages
  • Module level inheritance
  • Bound the metamodel to the model name
  • User Interface improvement
  • Bidirectional transformations (e.g. a solution based on AMW or

a solution based on Constraint Logic Programming)

  • Debug mode on console: stop or continue an ATL transformation after an error
  • Warm about "nullable" access (for example in OCL Query
  • Type checkers/static Analyzer
  • Syntaxtic enhancement for resolveTemp
  • Porting of the virtual machine on embedded systems
  • New model handlers
  • New injectors
  • Wiki web site for frequently asked questions. It is possible to use the wiki provided by 5clipse
  • Support for using different files for defining a metamodel (What is a metamodel extension?)
  • Editor for ATL extensions
  • Pluggable Navigation Languages

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