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ATL Language Troubleshooter

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Trouble Cause Solution(s)

ATL Virtual Machine Troubles

  • Trouble: NativeOperation public static org.atl.engine.vm.nativelib.ASMNumber org.atl.engine.vm.nativelib.ASMInteger.operatorMinus(org.atl.engine.vm.StackFrame,org.atl.engine.vm.nativelib.ASMInteger,org.atl.engine.vm.nativelib.ASMNumber)
    Cause: You use negative integer to compare
    e.g. if self.upper = -1 ...
    Solutions: Use (0-x) operation
    e.g. if self.upper = (0-1) ... or change your comparaison if it is possible: e.g. if self.upper < 0 ...

ATL Called Rules Troubles

  • Trouble: ERROR: could not find operation including on Module having supertypes: [OclAny]) on a called rule
    Cause: Your called rule doesn't return the good type (problably any)
    Solution: Add a return type on your called rule by adding the do clause
rule myCalledRule() {
   out : XML!Element -- ...
 do {