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This is the ATL wiki FAQ. The entries of the Old ATL FAQ have not been copied here yet.

Metamodels declared in the header (after the create keyword) of transformation models have to be named. What name should be used?

Usually, the name given to a metamodel is used in several places: the name of the file containing its definition (e.g. in XMI or KM3), the name of the main package of the metamodel, and the name given in the header of ATL transformations. This is the simple scenario that should be followed when possible.

In practice, the EMF driver for ATL (emf4atl) does not care about the name given to the metamodel in the header. There is no strong notion of main package. Any name can thus be used.

The MDR driver (mdr4atl), however, does care about this name. A specific package has to be specified to create a model conforming to a metamodel. If the correct package is not selected, the created model usually does not behave as expected. The current version of mdr4atl selects the package having the name specified in the transformation header or any package if there is no match.

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