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Revision as of 19:17, 13 December 2007 by (Talk | contribs) (From bob's newsgroup post)

To get a working wokspace:

1. Get an Eclipse 3.3 SDK

  • This gives you the basic eclipse environment that does not come with the ATF all-in-one

2. Install the ATF all-in one in that Eclipse environment

  • The ATF all-in-one contains the dependencies on Mozilla plugins (XULRunner, JavaXPCOM, etc). Its "all stuff you need to add on to Eclipse to get ATF".

3. If working with the source for Milestone 4 download the Team Set for Milestone 4

  • This source will re-build the Ajax-Toolkit plugins that are part of the ATF all-in-one package, but not the Mozilla plugins. It overlays the all-in-one with new code from CVS.

4. To get the intial code for eval debugging download the Team Set for Eval Debugging

The HEAD is going up changes that will changes the required new plugins. When the changes are complete a team_set for the head will be made available.

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