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Following page describes how to install Ajax Tools Framework.

1. Press Help -> Install New Software...

2. Tell Eclipse the source of Mozilla features. Mozilla features provides pieces to embed standard Mozilla browser inside Eclipse.

3. Install Ajax Tools Framework. They integrate Mozilla browser with Eclipse frameworks to let you inspect, analyze and debug extra information, that is not available in typical Mozilla-based browsers.

  • In "Work with" field, paste following URL and press Enter: Yes.... we're working on that...
  • After a second, you should see available software.
  • Choose all items.
  • Make sure that option "Contact all update sites..." is checked.

Atf install1.png

  • Press "Next" and "Finish" and wait until Eclipse downloads and installs all selected items. You will be asked to restart Eclipse.

Atf install details.png

5. Enjoy!. To start working with your new software, switch to Web Browser Tools perspective.

Atf install3.jpg