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JSDT is moving into WTP 3.0. The latest version of JSDT is not longer compatible with WTP 2.0. The following JSDT plugins are no longer compatible with WTP 2.0:

  • org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.ui

The following changes are made to keep compatibility with WTP 2.0 for ATF in the short term:

  • The plugin is no longer used in WTP 3.0. the plugins have been reverted back to run against WTP 2.0. Specific additional plugin.xml markup needed by ATF has been moved to the plugin.xml of org.eclipse.atf.compatibility.jsdt (you can make a fiff between version 1.3 and 1.4 of that file to get the exact changes made there ).


  • The changes in org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.ui that were removed/changed will be moved into org.eclipse.atf.compatibility.jsdt. The original plan was to use a previous version of for the plugin.xml file. This is no longer possible because of class renaming done in JSDT.
  • There is one outstanding issue is that the plugins.xml in org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.ui has one element that doesn't exist in WTP 2.0. The manifest compiler will be set to ignore the error on the build. As I remember this was used in the pervious release because of a number of undefined extension points in earlier versions of JSDT.

Map file tags and plugins that are used.

  • The code in ATF for JSDT has been updated to build against the M5 version of JSDT. The following tags should be in the map file (copied from the JSDT map file)
    • plugin@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.doc=v200802062329
    • plugin@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.core=v200802132239
    • plugin@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.manipulation=v200712072133
    • plugin@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.ui=v200802132239
    • plugin@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.core=v200802062329
    • plugin@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.ui=v200802062329
    • feature@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.feature=v200712072133
  • There is two plugins and two features used by ATF which are not in the JSDT mapfile and have been taged with the following tags.
    • feature@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.jsp.feature=v200802132239
    • feature@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.feature=v200802132239
    • plugin@org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.atfdebug=v200802132239

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