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ATF relies heavily on an embedded Mozilla browser for debugging and deep in-place introspection of running JavaScript and Ajax code.

Current integration

The current integration now relies on the Eclipse 3.3 SWT provided Mozilla browser widget (style SWT.MOZILLA). This widget depnds on having Xulrunner installed.

ATF provides an extension point that can load a contributed Xulrunner (packaged as a plugin) and make it known to SWT. provides Xulrunners for MacOS, Win32 and Linux/GTK/32 as well as the Java XPCOM interfaces packaged as plugins:

The three Xulrunners plugins depnd on ATF and extend the ATF extension point: In their manifest: Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.ide.core And they extend:

        name="Mozilla Xulrunner for Windows"
     <xulrunner path="/xulrunner" version=""/>

Proposed rearchitecture

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