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(ATF's Public Planning call)
(ATF's Public Planning call)
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[[ATF/ATFPubPlanAgenda | Agenda for 01/29/2008 public planning call]]
[[ATF/ATFPubPlanAgenda | Agenda for 01/29/2008 public planning call]]
[[ATF/ATFPubPlanMinutes01.29.2008 | Meeting minutes 01/29/2008]]
[[ATF/ATFPubPlanMinutes01.22.2008 | Meeting minutes 01/22/2008]]
[[ATF/ATFPubPlanMinutes01.22.2008 | Meeting minutes 01/22/2008]]

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About the Ajax Toolkit Framework project.


Ajax Toolkit Framework Use

Running JavaScript in debug mode

ATF Design

Building JSDT on WTP 2.0 for the next ATF milestone

MACOSX AllInOne build


JSDT is planned for WTP 3.0. Even though ATF originally proposed JSDT and many of the same developers contribute to both efforts, JSDT technically is (and has been) part of the WTP Project, under it's general "Source Editing" project. Where JSDT development resides will make little difference to users of ATF, since ATF has always been dependent on WTP. Discussion about JSDT should occur on the WTP mailing list and forums. ATF team plans to continue build ans ship JSDT until we move to WTP 3.0 after the next milestone.

Developer resources

Create a working workspace to work on sources

Building the project from sources - out of date

Proposed new Mozilla integration - out of date

ATF's IP Info

IP Log

ATF's Public Planning call

Meetings are held on Tuesday's, 9 AM - 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, 11:00AM - 12:00AM CST

Cal-in numbers:

Toll Free: 877-421-0030

Toll (USA): 770-615-1247

Participant Passcode: 574430

Full list of phone numbers

Along with doing ATF planning, The ATF team would like to understand from the community how ATF is being used, what direction ATF should head, proposals for new functionality, and to solicit more active participation from the community. As it was stated in a previous note, ATF plans to stay in incubation phase. For the project to make headway more active participation and committers are needed from the community. See our roadmap for some suggestions of future ATF enhancements

Agenda for 01/29/2008 public planning call

Meeting minutes 01/29/2008

Meeting minutes 01/22/2008

Meeting minutes 12/11/2007

Meeting minutes 12/04/2007

Meeting minutes 11/27/2007

Meeting minutes 11/20/2007

Meeting minutes 11/13/2007