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== Using Ajax Tools Framework ==
== Using Ajax Tools Framework ==
Please see the steps needed to start working with ATF, exploring your AJAX application and debugging it's Javascript: [[ATF/Installing|Installing ATF]].
To learn about ATF, please take a look at our [[Help corner|]]. Once you're ready to try it out, don't miss the  [[ATF/Installing|installing guide]].
== Developer resources  ==
== Developer resources  ==

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About the Ajax Tools Framework project

The Ajax Tools Framework (ATF) is a tool integrated with Eclipse for Web developers who use Ajax techniques. ATF provides tooling that allows a user to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript applications and a framework on which adopters can build advanced and technology specific tools. The functionality in ATF breaks down into three main areas: Browser Tooling, JavaScript Debugger and extensions for adopters.

See also the project page.

Using Ajax Tools Framework

To learn about ATF, please take a look at our Once you're ready to try it out, don't miss the installing guide.

Developer resources

Contributing to ATF

The ATF is driven by a very small development group with limited resources. ANY serious developers or contributors will be enthusiastically welcomed. For more information on how to become a Committer, check the standard Eclipse process (see New Committer Election). For more information about contributing to ATF in general, or for questions about its internals, contact atf-dev.

How to create a workspace to work on ATF sources


Manual tests

Old ATF Wiki

ATF old

ATF's IP Info

IP Log

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