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APP4MC Rover 3D parts

The following parts are designed with FreeCAD and can be printed in a standard 3D printer. The archives contain the FreeCAD file (*.FCStd) and the STL file.

Front with fixed camera holder

App4mc Rover Front universal.png

File:App4mc Rover Front

The front print can also be used for the rear side and should be printed twice.

Raspberry Pi camera stand

The front print with fixed camera holder should be combined with the standard RPI camera holder like Raspberry Pi Camera Stand.

Ultrasonic holder SR04

App4mc Rover Ultrasonic 2.png

File:App4mc Rover Ultrasonic

Fits to Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 and can be used with both fronts. Should be printed twice.

Alternative Rover tryout 3D parts

The following 3D prints can be printed if you want to customise your rover to deviating versions / your specific needs.

Front minimal

App4mc Rover Front minimal.png

File:App4mc Rover Front

Camera holder stand

App4mc Rover Camera stand.png

File:App4mc Rover Camera

Can be mounted on the minimal front.

Ultrasonic holder Grove

App4mc Rover Ultrasonic.png

File:App4mc Rover

Fits to Grove Ultrasonic Ranger V2.0 and can be used with both fronts.

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