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APP4MC Rover 3D parts

The following parts are designed with FreeCAD and can be printed in a standard 3D printer. The archives contain the FreeCAD file (*.FCStd) and the STL file.

Front with fixed camera holder (prior choice)

App4mc Rover Front universal.png

File:App4mc Rover Front

Combine it with standard parts like Raspberry Pi Camera Stand.

Ultrasonic holder SR04 (prior choice)

App4mc Rover Ultrasonic 2.png

File:App4mc Rover Ultrasonic

Fits to Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 and can be used with both fronts.

Alternative Rover tryout 3D parts

The following 3D prints can be printed if you want to customise your rover to deviating versions / your specific needs.

Front minimal

App4mc Rover Front minimal.png

File:App4mc Rover Front

Camera holder stand

App4mc Rover Camera stand.png

File:App4mc Rover Camera

Can be mounted on the minimal front.

Ultrasonic holder Grove

App4mc Rover Ultrasonic.png

File:App4mc Rover

Fits to Grove Ultrasonic Ranger V2.0 and can be used with both fronts.

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