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The AtlanMod MegaModel Management (AM3) prototype, being developed by the AtlanMod Team, is part of the MoDisco project. It provides a practical support for modeling in the large, i.e. dealing with global resource management in a model-engineering environment. AM3 is part of the so-called AMMA Platform.


The goal of AM3 (AtlanMod MegaModel Management) is to provide a practical support for modeling in the large. The objective is to deal with global resource management in a model-engineering environment. We base this activity on the concept of a "megamodel". A megamodel is a terminal model in which all model engineering resources available in given projects are registered. The basic idea is that there is no unique metamodel for megamodels. Instead, the user may use metamodels from a library or invent their own ones. This means that the kind of artifacts stored in or retrieved from a given MDE repository may vary. We know some of these artifacts (models, metamodels, transformations, semantic correspondences, etc.) but many others may be contextually defined. This is one of the difficulties of the global model management: the AM3 tool is designed to be metamodel-agnostic in order to handle this contextual variability.

Download and install

The AM3 prototype is available from the Eclipse-MDT MoDisco SVN (see How Install New AM3 From SVN) (sources only).


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Relationships with other Eclipse Projects

ATL, The AtlanMod Transformation Language project's Eclipse homepage

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