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AJDT Update Site

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AJDT has format for its update site (well, new for 1.6.4). For now, this is only available on the development update site. When the AJDT 1.6.4 release becomes final, it will be available on the public update site. The main reason for the reorganization is that there have been some requests to consume pieces of AJDT without requiring to consume all of it.

For now, only the development update site has this structure:

The production update site still has the original structure, until AJDT 1.6.4 is released:

Anyone who needs AJDT to program in AspectJ needs to only install the AspectJ Development Tools. Installing the additional features is automatic in this case since the AspectJ Development Tools feature requires the others. Installing source code is optional.

The update site now has the following structure:

  • AspectJ Development Tools
    1. AspectJ Development Tools --- This is the main AJDT feature. Installing this feature will provide all the standard AJDT behavior. If you are developing AspectJ programs, this is all you need to check. Installing this feature will automatically install the remaining non-source features, because this feature requires the following three features.
    2. JDT Weaving Service --- This feature provides the JDT weaving service, which opens up extra functionality in JDT through weaving into the workbench. AJDT requires this feature as do other Eclipse plugins for Java-like languages.
    3. Cross References Tool --- This feature provides the cross references model and view. Third party plugins may consume this feature if they require a way to view cross cutting concerns. The Cross Reference Tool on its own does not have any functionality, but requires a provider to populate it with a model. AJDT is one such provider.
    4. Equinox Aspects --- This feature provides Equinox Aspects, which provides the capability to perform load time weaving on the Eclipse platform, or any application running on an Equinox OSGi framework.
  • AspectJ Development Tools Source --- This optional set of features provides the source code for the above.

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