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AIR Client+Server

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Version 1.1

  • This page describes the Adobe AIR based selector solution being developed for Higgins 1.1 (see Solutions 1.1)
  • This solution is not part of Higgins 1.0.


This solution provides an Adobe AIR based Identity Selector that runs on the local machine. It requires hosted I-Card component for I-Card management and Higgins Selector Selector components to interact with the browser.

How it works

  1. When user submits an info-card form in the browser, the browser extension intercepts the action, collect the policy string, and sends the string to Higgins Selector Selector. Higgins Selector Selector invokes the Adobe AIR-based Identity Selector using the Connector for Adobe AIR Selector.
  2. Adobe AIR-based Identity Selector communicates to hosted I-Card service and shows I-Card Selector UI
  3. User selects an I-Card and clicks "Send this card" button
  4. Adobe AIR-based Identity Selector gets security token for the selected I-Card from hosted I-Card service and sends token to Higgins Selector Selector
  5. Browser extension retrieves token from Higgins Selector Selector
  6. Browser extension submits token to RP

End-User Perspective

There is a brief demo of this solution being used with a desktop application as the relying party. See the Map Demo. (Adobe Flash Player 9 required)


Adobe AIR Selector solution uses hosted I-Card Service, I-Card Manager and Higgins Selector Selector. A demo version of hosted I-Card Service and I-Card Manager are installed at

This application requires Adobe AIR Runtime 1.0 or greater. During installation process, the installer will look for existence of Adobe AIR Runtime on the system. If the runtime is not present, installer will download and install the runtime from

AIR selector has the following capabilities:

  1. Allows user to setup an account in hosted I-Card Service
  2. Allows user to edit the hosted I-Card Service configuration and other preferences
  3. Retrieves cards from remote storage based on RP Policy
  4. Retrieves token via RPPS for the selected card
  5. Sends token to RP using Higgins Selector Selector
  6. Imports .crd file to user's account
  7. Opens I-Card Manager in user's default browser

When user completes the installation of Higgins Selector Selector, installer invokes the AIR Selector and opens account provisioning wizard. User can either create a new I-Card Service account or setup the existing account to use in AIR Selector.

Account provisioning wizard

AIR Selector is invoked from web browser using Higgins Selector Selector with the RP Policy. AIR Selector contacts RPPS using web service call and retrieves all cards matching RP Policy.

Card Selector

User can preview the claim values by clicking on a card.

Card Selector with claim values

User requests the token for the selected card via RPPS and sends the token to RP through Higgins Selector Selector


There are two possible installation options are available. One by installing the full stack of Higgins Selector Selector and another one is by installing just the AIR Selector and a browser plugin. The second option is currently available only for Firefox browser. A commercially-packaged version is also available at

1. Higgins Selector Selector installation

  1. Run installer.exe from app/org.eclipse.higgins.tcpserver/src/SSSupport/bin/setup/ when the build for Higgins Selector Selector is completed.
  2. Follow the instructions of the installer and completes the installation. Browser plugins, Selector Switcher, Selector Selector core and Connectors for different selectors will be installed by the installer.

2. AIR Selector and Firefox extension

Note: This light weight installation provides a direct connection from Firefox browser to AIR Selector. This bypasses the full stack of Higgins Selector Selector components. This option is recommended only for testing purpose or only for the platforms that don't have Higgins Selector Selector yet (e.g. Mac/Linux)

  1. Download and install Adobe AIR Runtime from
  2. Download and install AIR Selector from
  3. Install Higgins Browser Extension for Firefox by following Higgins Browser Extension for Firefox Installation steps

Deployer Perspective


This is a desktop application and it is installed by running the insller.exe binary from app/org.eclipse.higgins.tcpserver/src/SSSupport/bin/setup/ when the build is completed.

  1. Build Higgins Selector Selector components
  2. Go to app/org.eclipse.higgins.tcpserver/src/SSSupport/bin/setup/ and run installer.exe file
  3. Since installer bundles AIR Selector, it requires "Adobe AIR runtime"
    1. if AIR runtime is not installed, installer will install it.
    2. If installation of "Adobe AIR runtime" is not functional, installation will be aborted
    3. If "Adobe AIR runtime" is installed properly, installation will continue.
  4. Install Higgins Selector Selector to a selected folder.
  5. Once the installation is completed it is ready for use.

Developer Perspective




This section describes the steps a developer would use to build deployable artifacts. The overall solution is comprised of the following sub-systems:

  1. Selector-Selector component
  2. Selector installer component
  3. AIR selector connector component
  4. CardSpace selector connector component

This guide assumes you have the following software:

1. Download selector selector source files (see:

2. Go to ./build directory and run build.bat file. This will build all parts of the Higgins Selector Selector Component

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