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8 Tool Bars and Menus

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Classes ToolBar and ToolItem

Almost feature-complete.

Except for setHotImage and setDisabledImage all attributes work as in SWT. Even though you cannot set a distinct disabled image yet, a ToolItem displays its image dimmed when it is in disabled state.

Classes Menu and MenuItem

The implementation of Menu and MenuItem is almost feature-complete. The class Menu yet lacks the defaultItem attribute.

Listeners for Menus

The MenuListener is now implemented. While the menuShown event is processed, a preliminary menu is displayed to signal that the menu is loading. The preliminary menu only appears for pop-up and drop-down menus that have a MenuListener attached.

Note: menuShown is currently not fired when a context menu is opened from server-side code using setVisible( true ) (see Bug 187992).

Listeners for MenuItems

As of now there is only the SelectionListener on MenuItem available. More listeners are to come.

Menu Visibility

The results of the methods getVisible and isVisible slightly differs from SWT for pop-up and drop-down menus, since the active menu on the client is not always known on the server side. For pop-up items, both methods returns true only if the menu has been opened programmatically using setLocation and setVisible. For drop-down menus, both methods return false in RWT. Menu bars behave the same as in SWT.

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