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2 The Keyboard

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The Keyboard

Keyboard handling and related events are currently not available in RWT. However, the client side JavaScript framework that RWT is using (qooxdoo) provides the entry points to implement keyboard handling and offers keyboard navigation out of the box.

Try the following keys on the web demo: http://rap.eclipse.org/rwt/

  • Tab
  • Cursor Keys (Tree, Table)
  • Selection with space (multi-selection in table with control key, shift key)

===When a Key Is Typed, Where Does It Go?=== - tbd

===Keyboard Events and the Focus Control=== - planned

  • focus will only occur if a user clicks on a control or uses the keyboard to navigate to the control (it will not necessarily comply with the behavior of the operating system displaying the browser)

===Traversal=== - planned

===Accelerators=== - planned

===Window System Keys=== - not applicable