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22 Miscellaneous

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YES, there is a (very basic) browser in a browser in a browser in a ...

The setUrl and setText methods can be used to control what is displayed in the browser and the LocationListeners are notified (and can veto) about such changes.

The current implementation realizes the browser client-side via an IFRAME tag. Great care should be taken when using this widget, as web sites could break the client-side application when executing JavaScript.


A basic Spinner widget is available that works much the same as in SWT. The WRAP style flag is not yet implemented. An initial implementation of the ModifyEvent exists that has the same characteristics as the one for Text.


A basic implementation exists that executes the passed runnable.

Since during a request is processed the client waits for the response and shows a busy cursor anyway, we don't intend to enhance the implementation for now.


- planned (low priority)


- planned