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22 LayoutingComposites

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As this widgets is used heavily by the web workbench it is (almost) feature complete, though not bug free:(

Only the !SIMPLE style is missing, and probably will be for a log time.


'Implemented' as copy-from-SWT-with-minor-changes.


Implemented. We copied the source-code from SWT and it simply works :-)


Implemented sufficiently for the web workbench to work.


A basic implementation exists. The client-side support for scroll bars is very basic and therefore are the capabilities of the current ScrolledComposite implementation.

As the current implementation reaches its barriers we can re-implement the current ScrolledComposite to use dedicated client-side scroll bars that allow more control over scrolling behavior. But nonetheless you won't have the same fine-grained control as in SWT.


A very basic implementation exists right now. As CBanner is used in the web workbench we will enhance it as required by the workbench.