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WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-12-21

Announcements and Reminders
WTP 1.5.3
WTP 2.0
Other business?
Team Status and Focus


Announcements and Reminders
  • Conferences:
EclipseCon2007 open for short talk and demo (Jan 15) submissions.
  • Reminder:
  • When you reject a hot bug request as a hot bug, change the summary to [hotbug_declined].
  • When requested, be sure to update the smoke test results status page.
  • In order to launch and test an Eclipse M4 workbench you must upgrade to an eclipse M4 platform driver for your development environment.
  • Announcements:
Nominations are open for the Eclipse community awards.

WTP 1.5.3
  • Smoke Test Scenarios
Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link here.
  • Bug lists
Resolved, Unverified (~285)
Verified, Not closed (~0)
1.5.3 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
1.5.3 Hot Bugs (~2)
Blockers, Criticals (~0)

WTP 2.0
  • Build Status - David?
We are building with a patched JEM and cannot officially declare M4 until we have a real build from JEM, which will hopefully be in line for the January 4th Europa date.
JSF problems with EMF API change – 168484 - Raghu?
Out of memory issues with Sun JDK and -XX:MaxPermSize=256m - Kathy?
Follow 168285 if interested.
Only teams dropping critical or blocker defects need to re-smoke the build for Friday.
Compiler warning update - David?
  • M4 Shutdown Plans
December 2006 - January 2007
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Produce M4 candidate

2.0 Function Test


Finish tests
2.0 Compatibility Tests


First Day of Winter!
Status Call
Critical/Blocking Defects


Move to EMF M4
Update other M4 prereqs?
Smoke tests?

Christmas Day!
I can not think of anything to fill in this day :)
Will work on preparing update site this week. (dw)
Peiter will organize some "new and noteworthy" (I think) but he'll need input from the component lead, or their delegate -- so, be thinking about it around now.
Absolutely last day for any releases for M4 build. (and even then, only if for regressions, blockers, and only if safe.
New Years!
Defect Verifications
Defect Verifications
Update JEM
Status Call
Smoke Tests
Declare WTP 2.0 M4
RELAX! (but only if we declare on time! :)

No status meeting on December 28 and no builds declared December 29th.
Need to ensure DTP's plugin prereq ranges are compatible with EMF 2.3 M4.
Please update your test coverage plans for WTP 2.0 M4

  • Smoke Test Scenarios
Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link here.
  • Compatibility Tests for WTP 1.5 <--> WTP 2.0
Information on what to test and how to publish your compatibility test plans can be found here.
  • Performance and API Tests
Need to investigate re-enabling these tests for M5. We will publish these results with every weekly declared build.
  • Usage Reports
The Adopter Usage Reports are posted for component owners...
  • To ensure no one is using code they should not be using.
  • To prioritize which code you plan to make API.
The Extension Point Usage Reports are also posted. The instructions for adopters on how to contribute can be found here.
Stay tuned in 2007 for automated test coverage report numbers based on using TPTP's line coverage analysis tools. Also investigating cross referencing the data from the usage reports to detail where test coverage must be improved.
  • Bug lists
Untriaged (~86)
Resolved, Unverified (~128)
Verified, Not closed (~1)
2.0 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
2.0 Hot Bugs (~0)
Blockers, Criticals (~4)

Other business?
  • Java EE 5 Update - Chuck?
There is a wiki page established for people to follow along.

  • Website Update - David?

  • Is there a doc somewhere for developer workflow, like when builds are, and when to release? David investigating broken links and adding an updated doc.

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Common Component Team
Server Component Team
Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)
XML/JSP Component Team
Web Services Component Team
Java EE Component Team
Dali JPA
  • Add versions 1.5.1,1.5.2,1.5.3 to the WTP bugzilla version options list when opening new bugs
  • Investigating running and publishing the automated test coverage reports
  • Investigating running Performance and API tests

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