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== WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-12-14 ==
[[#Attendees | Attendees]]<br>
[[#Announcements | Announcements and Reminders]]<br>
[[#WTP1.5.3 | WTP 1.5.3]]<br>
[[#WTP2.0 | WTP 2.0]]<br>
[[#Other | Other business?]]<br>
[[#Status | Team Status and Focus]]</h6>
;<span id="Attendees">Attendees</span>
;<span id="Announcements">Announcements and Reminders</span>
::[ EclipseCon2007] open for short talk and demo (Jan 15) submissions.
::When you reject a hot bug request as a hot bug, change the summary to [hotbug_declined].
;<span id="WTP1.5.3">WTP 1.5.3</span>
:*Due: 2007-02-16
:*[[WTP_Release_1.5.x_Maintenance_Plan_and_Policies|1.5.3 Guidelines for fixes]]
:*We will be declaring a 1.5.3M build this week so please smoke test the latest M-build to be declared by noon on Friday.
::Build status - David?  Releng JUnit failure?
:*Smoke Tests
::Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link [[WTP_Smoke_Test_Scenarios_R15 | here.]]
::Please report smoke test status by updating the [[WTP_Smoke_Test_Results | status page.]]
:*Bug lists
::[, Resolved, Unverified] (~275)
::[, Verified, Not closed] (~0)
::[, 1.5.3 Hot Bug Requests] (~0)
::[, 1.5.3 Hot Bugs] (~2)
::[, Blockers, Criticals] (~4)
;<span id="WTP2.0">WTP 2.0</span>
:*Integration Build this Friday, 12/15/06
::Build Status - David?
:::Platform M4 adoption?  Classloading issues with our use of Xerces, see [ 167695].
:::JEM status?
:::Web Services test failures?
:::JPA JUnit failure?
:::Java EE test failure?
:::JSF build status?
:::John Graham reports smoke test on DTP 1.0 with M4 platform and EMF targets looks good.
:::Please smoke test the latest Integration I-build to be declared by noon on Friday.
::Compiler warning update - David?
:*Smoke Tests
::Please publish your smoke test scenarios by adding a link [[WTP_Smoke_Test_Scenarios_R20 | here.]]
::Please report smoke test status by updating the [[WTP_Smoke_Test_Results | status page.]]
:*Compatibility Tests for WTP 1.5 <--> WTP 2.0
::Information on what to test and how to publish your compatibility test plans can be found [[WTP_Compatibility_Tests | here.]]
:*Performance and API Tests
::Need to investigate re-enabling these tests for M5.  We will publish these results with every weekly declared build.
:*Usage Reports
::The [ Adopter Usage Reports] are posted for component owners...
:::*To ensure no one is using code they should not be using.
:::*To prioritize which code you plan to make API.
::The [ Extension Point Usage Reports] are also posted.  The instructions for adopters on how to contribute can be found [ here.]
::Stay tuned in 2007 for automated test coverage report numbers based on using TPTP's line coverage analysis tools.  Also investigating cross referencing the data from the usage reports to detail where test coverage must be improved.
:*Need to improve the [[Web_Tools_Platform_2.0_Plan|WTP 2.0 Plan]] document
:*Bug lists
::[|, Untriaged] (~84)
::[, Resolved, Unverified] (~130)
::[, Verified, Not closed] (~1)
::[|, 2.0 Hot Bug Requests] (~0)
::[|, 2.0 Hot Bugs] (~0)
::[, Blockers, Criticals] (~6)
:*M4 Shutdown Plans
::{| border="3"
|+ December 2006
! Monday !! Tuesday !! Wednesday !! Thursday !! Friday
| 4 <br> <br> <br> <br>
| 5 <br> <br> <br> <br>
| 6 <br> <br> <br> <br>
| 7 <br> Status Call <br> Smoke Tests <br> <br>
| 8 <br> 1.5.3M Build <br> 2.0I Build <br> Move to Platform M4 cand.
| 11 <br> <br> <br> <br>
| 12 <br> <br> <br> <br>
| 13 <br> <br> <br> <br>
| 14 <br> Status Call <br> Move to Platform M4/EMF M4 cand. <br> Smoke Tests
| 15 <br> 1.5.3M Build <br> 2.0I Build <br> <br>
| 18 <br> Verifications <br> 2.0 Function Test <br> <br>
| 19 <br> Finish tests <br> 2.0 Compatibility Tests <br> <br>
| 20 <br> Fix critical bugs <br> 2.0M4 candidate build <br> <br>
| 21 <br> Status Call <br> Smoke Tests <br> <br>
| 22 <br> <br> Move to EMF M4 <br> Declare WTP2.0 M4
::No status meeting on December 28 and no builds declared December 29th.
::Dali 1.0 is December 22.  They are okay with EMF plans, but they have a DTP dependency.  DTP 1.0 prereqs EMF 2.2.1.  Dali will do some early sniff testing with DTP and EMF M4.  Need to ensure DTP's plugin prereq ranges are compatible with EMF 2.3 M4.
::There is a possible compatibility issue with JEM and EMF M4.  Chuck to follow up and do some testing.  JEM may just need to rebuild on top of EMF.
::Please update your [[WTP_Functional_Test_R20_M4 | test coverage plans for WTP 2.0 M4]]
;<span id="Other">Other business?</span>
:*Java EE 5 Update - Chuck?
::Renaming ideas for the meta navigator content node under Java EE projects to replace "Deployment Descriptor"?
::There is a [[JEE_5_Support | wiki page]] established for people to follow along.
:*Any discussion on facets page being skipped when preset is chosen on first page of project creation wizard?
:*Website Update - Bob F?
:*Is there a doc somewhere for developer workflow, like when builds are, and when to release? David was to investigate broken links and adding an updated doc?
== <span id="Status">Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week</span>==
:;Common Component Team
:;Server Component Team
:;Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)
:;XML/JSP Component Team
::*Continuing on 1.5.3 Hot (#[ 166421]) and critical (#[ 164899]) bugs while triaging incoming reports
::*Shutting down 2.0M4 effort, planning only stop-ship fixes past the classloading issues ([ 167695] mentioned above)
:;Web Services Component Team
:;Java EE Component Team
:;Dali JPA
::*UI plugins and have been added to the local build and source added to the SDK
::*Final step is to get Core tests passing and integrated into the build, at which point all of Dali will be integrated
::*Meeting scheduled for Friday to make final decision on UI direction for 1.0
::*Neil will be out the next couple of weeks with a new baby arriving.  Karen Moore will be generally available to cover as needed.
::*Add versions 1.5.1,1.5.2,1.5.3 to the WTP bugzilla version options list when opening new bugs
::*Investigating running and publishing the automated test coverage reports
::*Investigating running Performance and API tests
;[[WTP_Development_Status_Meetings | Back to WTP Meeting Archives]]
;[[Web_Tools_Project | Back to Web Tools Wiki Home]]

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