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(WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-11-30)
(JSF status)
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== WTP Development Status Meeting 2006-11-30 ==
;Announcements and Reminders
::[ EclipseCon2007] open for long talks (Dec 1), short talks (Jan 15) submissions.
::[ ECOOP] open for submissions -- Berlin, Germany, July 30 - August 3, 2007. 
::[ Consuming Web services using Eclipse Web Tools] in Eclipse Review by Christopher Judd.
:*Reminder: Make sure your repository connections are using "cvsroot" and not "home"
:*Announcement: Update on committer status for Valentin Baciu - Congratulations and welcome!
;WTP 1.5.3
:*Due: 2007-02-16
:*[[WTP_Release_1.5.x_Maintenance_Plan_and_Policies|1.5.3 Guidelines for fixes]]
:*We will be declaring a 1.5.3M build this week so please smoke test the latest M-build to be declared by noon on Friday.
::Build status? David
:*Bug lists
::[, Resolved, Unverified] (~230)
:::Older resolved defects closed out.  Minor glitch in closing out those in the remind and later states has been corrected.
::[, Verified, Not closed] (~0)
::[, 1.5.3 Hot Bug Requests] (~1)
:::New process, when you reject a hot bug request as a hot bug, change the summary to [hotbug_declined].
::[, 1.5.3 Hot Bugs] (~2)
::[, Blockers, Criticals] (~2)
;WTP 2.0
:*Integration Build this Friday, 12/01/06
::Build Status? David
:::WTP 2.0 now requires a Java5 runtime.  However, components should not start adding hard Java5 dependencies.
:::What's the third party jar status?
:::Please smoke test the latest Integration I-build to be declared by noon on Friday.
::FYI, The 2.0 builds will have a combined zip which includes JPA and JSF, possibly ATF, once these projects are promoted past incubation (1Q2007).
:*Need to improve the [[Web_Tools_Platform_2.0_Plan|WTP 2.0 Plan]] document
::Begin to analyze [ Adopter Usage Reports] to pick the most important API requirements.  Let John know about any suggestions or improvements or open a bugzilla defect against the releng component.
:::Component leads should analyze for two reasons:
::::*To ensure no one is using code they should not be using.
::::*To prioritize which code you plan to make API.
::John to send out information about how to run an extension point usage scan. 
:*Bug lists
::[|, Untriaged] (~115)
::[, Resolved, Unverified] (~70)
::[, Verified, Not closed] (~0)
::[|, 2.0 Hot Bug Requests] (~1)
::[|, 2.0 Hot Bugs] (~0)
::[, Blockers, Criticals] (~7)
:*Welcome to JPA, JSF, and soon ATF
::Coordinate with WTP milestone dates and process
::Weekly smoke tests reporting
:*Testing Strategies for WTP 2.0
::*Smoke Tests
:::Each team will have an externally published smoke test scenario.
:::A wiki page will be used instead of the mailing list to provide smoke test results.
::*Compatibility Tests
:::WTP 1.5 -> WTP 2.0
::::Each team should create a test scenario to load projects or artifacts from WTP 1.5 and attempt to load, display, edit, and run them on a WTP 2.0 workspace.
::::Possible coordinated compatibility JUnit which will run as part of the builds where each team can add 1.5 metadata or projects and methods to exercise their function on WTP 2.0. Java EE team has a current JUnit to be used as an example.
::::Workspace migration testing will mainly consist of a few workspaces with multiple types of content, settings, and a lot of views and perspectives open.
::::Questions remain about what exactly we need to test and we will have to gather feedback from each component team.
:::WTP 2.0 -> WTP 1.5
::::We should support shared projects in a team environment where one user is on WTP 1.5 and one is on WTP 2.0, so we will need some backwards compatibility testing.
::*Milestone Test Passes
:::More formalized test phase with planned activities and platforms:
::::Compatibility tests will be run as part of milestone shutdown
::::Defect verifications from the current milestone and their closure
::::Linux, Windows, Mac
::::Investigating better ways to collaborate and encourage the collection of test results
;Other business?
:*Java EE 5 Update - Chuck?
:*EclipseCon Update - Tim W?
:*Website Update - Tim W?
:*Just a friendly reminder to fill in your team status each week on the meeting agenda.
== Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week ==
:;Common Component Team
:;Server Component Team
:;Datatools (RDB, 1.5.x only)
:;XML/JSP Component Team
:;Web Services Component Team
:;Java EE Component Team
::*Execution Environments
::*Add versions 1.5.1,1.5.2,1.5.3 to the WTP bugzilla version options list when opening new bugs
::*Investigating running and publishing the automated test coverage reports
;[[WTP_Development_Status_Meetings | Back to WTP Meeting Archives]]

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