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1 Widget Fundamentals

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What Is a Widget?


Widget Hierarchy.

RWT uses the same widget hierarchy as SWT. In addition the class Widget implements Adaptable.

Events and Listeners.

RWT implements the SWT events as close as possible. Through the distributed nature of RWT e.g. key-stroke events with server-side turnarounds for event processing won't be available since the network latency is too big to make such events usefully applicable.

Currently RWT does not implement untyped Listeners as SWT does. Therefore all related methods (like Widget.notifyListeners(int,Event)) are missing.

Application Data.

Works the same as in SWT. All methods for both, named and unnamed application data, are implemented.

Querying the Display

Though RWT provides a class Display as well and Widget provides the getDisplay() method, the meaning of Display in RWT is somewhat different. Display is described in more detail in the chapter Display