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Agenda for Higgins face-to-face meeting in Cambridge Massachusetts, November 16-17, 2006.
IBM's office at One Rogers Street, third floor, room 3154, in Cambridge, MA.
====Planning to attend====
#Jeff Broberg CA
#Abhi Shelat IBM
#Greg Byrd IBM
#Mike McIntosh IBM
#Tony Nadalin IBM
#Uppili Srinivasan Oracle
#Tom Doman Novell
#Mary Ruddy Parity
#Paul Trevithick Parity
#Sergei Yakovlev Parity
#Igor Tsinman Parity
#Gerry Beuchelt Sun
===Thursday, November 16===
====8:30 Continental breakfast====
====9:00 Introductions, Orientation (15 min) [Mary and Paul]====
* Special welcome to Jeffrey Broberg and Uppili Srinivasan
* Wifi passwords
* #Higgins notetaker volunteer
====9:15 IIW Demo (Dec4 in MountainView) (75 min) [Tom]====
* Design & implementation related to the joint Higgins/Novell planned demo
* Tom will discuss [ RefApp1]
* Discussion of positioning objectives for IIW in light of current IP constraints
* [MikeM]: Describe planned [[Token Service]] to [[Identity Attribute Service]] integration planned for demo
====10:30 Break (15 min)====
====10:45 Focused IdAS topics (60 min) [Tom]====
*What does a ContextURI really mean?
** The Context "sameness" question is still not completely resolved; we need some written guidelines 
*Presuming that a ContextRef URI doesn't contain all configuration data required for a Context Provider (CP) to open/create a Context, then is there a new parameter required on IContextFactory.createContext?
*Should we add one more parameter (probably of type java.util.Properties) to both canCreate and createContext methods of IContextFactory? (we may need to configure/re-configure a context post create)
*If we are creating a new Context then should we pass in a schema at the same time?
*We now have: identity) // Opens this Context using the provided identity.
** We had talked earlier about having IContext.getOpenPolicy() define what should be passed to
*Sergey Lyakhov recently proposed adding transaction support (adding begin(), commit() and rollback()) to IContext. Comments?
*Why isn't IdASRegistry a singleton?
*NEW: Schema API and association between attribute types and filter comparators
====11:45 higgins.owl (15 min) [Paul] ====
* alias property (sub-property of higgins:attribute, domain=DS, range=SubjectRelationship)
* knows property (sub-property of higgins:attribute, domain=DS, range=SubjectRelationship)
* simpleMetadata properties on ContextObjects: lastConnectionAttempt, lastConnection
* password property (sub-property of higgins:attribute, domain=DS, range=StringSimpleAttribute)
* adding all of the XSD literal types (still not done)
====12:00 Lunch (45 min)====
====12:45 "Upper" Higgins Architecture (above IdAS and TS) (1hr 15min) [Paul] ====
* Review latest [[Architecture]] changes
* Walk through Higgins CardSpace self-issued I-Card Provider flow to get us all oriented
** HBX -> RP Protocol Support -> ISS Web UI --> ISS -> I-Card Registry -> CardSpace I-Card Provider -> I-Card -> Token Service -> Token Provider -> IdAS etc.
* Introduction to the I-Card concept (PPT presentation)
* Detailed discussion of the three proposed [[I-Card Interfaces]]
** Should we use OWL to represent complex claim types, or something simpler?
* Description of the three concrete [[I-Card Provider]] implementations under development
** CardSpace Managed I-Card Provider
** CardSpace Self-Issued I-Card Provider
** IdAS I-Card Provider
* Proposal to use [[I-Card Manager]] to create new I-Cards vs. including this in [[ISS Web UI]] as in Microsoft's UX
====2:00 IDmix (60 min) [Abhi]====
* Spelling of idemix vs. IDmix
* idemix integration
*#idemix plugin in the STS
*#flows of policies through Higgins (e.g., from the relying party to the HBX, ISS all the way down to STS and the idemix plugin)
====3:00 Break (15 min)====
====3:15 RP Security Policy (30 min) [Abhi]====
* Collect use cases and requirements (including non-auth use cases)
====4:15 Higgins compatability with the Laws of Identity (30 minutes?) [Tony]====
====7:00? Dinner TBD====
==Friday, November 17==
====8:00 Continental breakfast====
====9:00 IIW Demo continued (30 min) [Tom]====
* Follow on issues
====9:30 Token Service Update [Mike]====
* Latest progress, issues, integration with IdAS
* Integration of Eclipse/Java registry for Token Providers?
====10:45 Higgins components (30 min) [Paul]====
* Review [[Components]]
* Javadoc & nightly builds
* Dependencies
* Builds - download page link, do we need doc too?
* Concept of owner; responsibilities
* Walk through each line
====10:30 Break (15 min)==== 
====10:45 Use of third party software by Eclipse projects (30 minutes?) [Mary]====
====11:15 Deployment Scenarios (30 min) [Paul]====
* Reviewing new [[Deployments]] (Deployment Scenarios) wiki page
* Discuss scope, other deployments
* NEW: STS / IdAS configuration issues
====11:45 Lunch (45 min)====
====12:30 Registries  (15 min) [Greg]====
* We need three registries (for Context Providers, Token Providers and I-Card Providers).
* All need to work in both Eclipse/OSGI and raw Java runtime environments
* Is this an opportunity for some share code?
====12:45 Interoperability Space (30 min) [Paul]====
* Paul will introduce an [[Interoperability Space]] framework
* Discussion to populate/refine the framework
====1:15 Milestone planning (30 min) ====
* reviewing progress on M0.6
* spending some time mapping out 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0
====1:45 Claim data interoperability (15 min) [Paul]====
* Industry convergence on attribute/claim namespaces/schemas
** Recent conversations with Microsoft and Verisign
====1:30 Other Topics ====
* OpenID support
* Parity/Higgins/Second Life id verification project
* What is the best use for our new vServer?
** TS endpoint
** IdAS endpoint
** Entire Higgins service endpoint
====3:00 Adjourn====
== See Also ==
* [ Higgins Home]

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