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04.30.2007 F2F Agenda

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Agenda for Higgins face-to-face meeting in Austin, Texas, April 30 - May 3, 2007. This is a very preliminary agenda to organize the event.


Location IBM's office. Address and phone and Room numbers TBD

The event will start Monday April 30 at 1:00 and end Thursday May 3 at mid day.

Hotel List for IBM Austin

Expected Attendees

  1. Jeff Broberg (CA)--not sure
  2. Greg Byrd (NCSU)--for first part only
  3. Andy Hodgkinson (Novell)
  4. David Kuehr-Mclaren (IBM)
  5. Mike McIntosh (IBM)
  6. Tony Nadalin (IBM)
  7. Nataraj Nagaratnum (IBM)
  8. Mary Ruddy (SocialPhysics)
  9. Jim Sermersheim (Novell)
  10. Paul Trevithick (SocialPhysics)
  11. abhi shelat (IBM)

We may want to invite an OpenID person (e.g. David Recordon, etc.)


(Once we have the full list we will re-order the topics.)

Elbow-to-Elbow Integration

  • Half day or full day of working session time so that people can work F2F on their various ongoing projects.

Junit testing

RCP enablement

Nightly Builds

  • Branching?


  • Deployments for M0.8
  • Support for multiple versions of components, should the Token Service be offered as an OSGI version also?


  • update and risk management discussion [20 minutes - Mary Ruddy]


  • Demo of IBM ZHBX with identity mixer and cardspace support
  • Review functionality, packaging, modularity, threat model
  • Startup sequence
  • Authentication to hosted Higgins (IdA) service

IdAS API, Service Descriptions

  • Review new detailed use cases
  • 3 hour session on IdAS refactoring for service descriptions


  • Various ways to integrate OpenID

Higgins RP Support [Jeff B]

  • What we need. Should we lobby Chuck?

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