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0.1.0.v20070520 Release Notes (Buckminster)

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What has changed in this build?

  • Ant actor API - Buckminster will no longer use Ant "fileset" references to pass requirement and products information to the Ant runtime.

What you need to do

  • If you have written your own actions that make use of an "ant" actor, please read up on the documentation of Ant actor API and make necessary changes to your scripts. Here are some examples:

Example using filesetgroup

If you used the buckminster.filesetgroup and you used to write:

<buckminster.filesetgroup refid=""/>

Replace it with:

<buckminster.filesetgroup value="${}"/>

Example using singleton

If you used to rely on buckminsters ability to pass singleton prerequisites or products in a property and wrote things like:

<mkdir dir="${some.singleton}"/>

Replace with:

<mkdir dir="${sp:some.singleton}"/>

Example using fileset

If you used a property that appointed a folder containing one single file that you don't know the name of and want it expanded and wrote things similar to:

<pathconvert property="input.file">
        <fileset dir="${requirement}" includes="*.zip"/>

Replace with:

<buckminster.valuefileset value="${fs:requirement}" id="requirement.fileset"/>
<pathconvert property="input.file">
        <fileset refid="requirement.fileset"/>

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