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(BIRT) Java Constants

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DesignChoiceConstants (BIRT)

One of the most powerful DEAPI constants. There are 82 choices covering everything from FONT style to left to right (BIDI) orientation.

ICellModel (BIRT)

Properties that are specific to a cell and its descendants.

IDataGroupModel (BIRT)

Properties that are used when working with groups.

IDataSetModel (BIRT)

Properties used to control data sets, particular emphasis on SQL queries.

IGroupElementModel (BIRT)

Properties used for groups.

ISimpleMasterPageModel (BIRT)

Properties that are used when working with the Page Element.

IStyleModel (BIRT)

Style Model contains the property names used when applying styles to cells and controls. This list is somewhat redundant with the DesignChoiceConstants values.

ITableColumnModel (BIRT)

Properties that are unique to the Table elements.



IRenderOption option = new IRenderOption();

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