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[edit] DEAPI

[edit] DesignChoiceConstants (BIRT)

One of the most powerful DEAPI constants. There are 82 choices covering everything from FONT style to left to right (BIDI) orientation.

[edit] ICellModel (BIRT)

Properties that are specific to a cell and its descendants.

[edit] IDataGroupModel (BIRT)

Properties that are used when working with groups.

[edit] IDataSetModel (BIRT)

Properties used to control data sets, particular emphasis on SQL queries.

[edit] IGroupElementModel (BIRT)

Properties used for groups.

[edit] IReportDesignModel

When you are working with the design of a report these are the properties that are available.

[edit] IReportItemModel

When you are working with an instance of a report these are the properties that are available on the top level object.

[edit] IScalarParameterModel

Properties that are useful while working with scalar parameters.

[edit] ISimpleMasterPageModel (BIRT)

Properties that are used when working with the Page Element.

[edit] IStyleModel (BIRT)

Style Model contains the property names used when applying styles to cells and controls. This list is somewhat redundant with the DesignChoiceConstants values.

[edit] ITableColumnModel (BIRT)

Properties that are unique to the Table elements.

[edit] REAPI

[edit] IRenderOption

IRenderOption option = new IRenderOption();

[edit] ReportDesignContants (BIRT)

Allows you to get to the element that lives in any of the various slots available on the Report Design.