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Oliver E. Cole is the president of OC Systems, Inc., a software company that develops, sells and supports advanced software instrumentation tools. He has over twenty-five years of extensive, hands-on experience in developing, testing and performance tuning large-scale mission-critical software for a variety of organizations, including commercial and international interests. Before founding OC Systems, he worked on a number of high reliability real-time systems for the U.S. military. Oliver Cole is actively involved in the Eclipse open source community. He is the lead of the Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) project. He has also been appointed to the Eclipse Architecture Council, which is responsible for the long-term technical health of the Eclipse platforms and frameworks. He speaks regularly at industry conferences and has had a number of articles published in industry publications, including Dr. Dobb's Journal. Oliver Cole can be reached at +1 703-279-2760 or at oec@ocsystems.com.